Class Descriptions

Depending on current Covid restrictions, our classes are face-to-face, online using Zoom, or a hybrid of both. You'll see from the timetable what is currently allowed: on site, online or both.

All classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced students. Some are 75 mins and others 90 minutes in length. Before your first class you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding any physical issues/injuries you may have, but please keep your teacher(s) updated and talk to us about any further issues or concerns you may have before you practice. Meanwhile, below are descriptions of what format/style to expect.


Lucy's Classes: Hatha Yoga
Lucy's classes start with a 15 minute "centering", often incorporating a breathing technique ('pranayama') and gentle upper-body warm-up. Then follows 60 minutes of a wide range of postures ('asana'): some flowing, others more static, but all designed to create a balanced physical routine to enhance strength, suppleness and physical alignment. Lucy's particular fascination is with anatomy & physiology, and increasingly somatics; how our minds affect our bodies and vice versa, so there is always plenty of that woven in, with explanations of ancient yogic theory as well. She always finishes with a 15 minute period of relaxation, involving a variety of meditation techniques.

Neeta's Classes: Flow & Gentle Flow Yoga
Neeta’s passion for yoga to be playful and accessible are the basis of her teaching style. Her sessions begin with gentle, meditative attention on the breath to increase awareness and concentration. This provides the foundation to move into a series of warm-up poses that prepare the joints and muscles for more activity.  An hour-long sequence of flowing postures then follows, including various standing and floor-based positions, with plenty of options to vary intensity level. A focus on breathing is maintained throughout to help release tension. Each class finishes with a guided relaxation allowing the body and mind to rest more deeply and absorb the benefits of the yoga practice. Her Wednesday morning Gentle Flow Yoga class is most suitable for beginners and those desiring an easier, slower class, for example, post-illness or injury.

Karen's Classes: Yin Yoga
This class is an interesting mix of soothing, yet deeply stretching Yin postures and lively Kundalini breathing techniques. Deceptively impactful and often used by students as the perfect antidote to more vigorous Vinyasa/Astanga yoga practices, the Yin postures take their time to stretch and strengthen the soft tissues, Kundalini techniques soothe the mind and the combination revives the spirit in this eclectic mix of goodies. 

Tash's Classes: Power & Forrest Yoga
With training in both Power Yoga and Forrest Yoga, Tash's class is a wonderful mixture of high octane effort, plenty of stretching and deep relaxation at the end. Depending on class size, students present and how the mood takes her, Tash will teach either principally Forrest yoga postures or a more fluid Power/Vinyasa yoga flow.

Sophie's Classes: Pregnancy Yoga
This class gives you some time to connect with your baby, stretch out, and deeply relax. They are ideal started at any time after 12 weeks, giving benefit at any time during pregnancy, right up to birthing your baby. Class starts with 'pranayama' breathing exercises to centre your awareness on your little one, then gentle stretches 'asana' to tone and release, perfect for easing any pregnancy-related aches and pains! Finally, a long, guided relaxation of at least 15 minutes at the end of class, to leave you refreshed and ready for a great night's sleep. * Look out during lockdown, for Sophie's 'Post-Natal Stretch, Walk and Talk' sessions for mums and their babies/children, meeting every Friday at 10.15am in Hungerford.*

Tim's Classes: Mostly For Men
A class not exclusively for men, but it will take on board the slightly differing physical needs that the male physique often requires. Tim - someone who only took up yoga himself after 30 years in IT - will focus on stretching of hamstrings, releasing of shoulders, using one's strength with care and awareness and de-stressing from the busy work week: a perfect start to the weekend. Women are not excluded from this special 75 minute intense session, so bring your husband/partner/son!