Restorative Sundowner and Sunset Wind Down

Restorative Sundowner Class:
End your day with an hour of restorative yoga, to quieten and restore the mind and body.  We will start each session with a short pranayama and gentle warm up and then spend about 45 minutes gently stretching the body while keep it fully supported with pillows, bolsters and blankets.  Restorative Yoga actually release energy from your muscles.  Afterwards you may feel more energised, despite being really chilled.  Most people who come also experience a much deeper sleep afterwards.  These are short restorative yoga classes but long enough to relax the body, clear the mind and create the perfect way to end your day.

Sunset Wind Down Class:
Feeling frazzled?  Can't wait for the end of the working week?  Need to grab some me-time away from the rest of your household?  This blissful hour of early evening yoga and meditation will gently stretch out your tense/tired muscles and release your aching joints, quieten your scattered mind and spiky emotions, leaving you feeling calm and grounded; ready for a good night's sleep and whatever's in your diary for the weekend.

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