Student Testimonials


“I'm so pleased to have discovered Yoga, a full 90 minutes of forgetting all the things usually buzzing round one’s head and stretching long forgotten bits of your body is so therapeutic. And to add to that such beautiful, tranquil surroundings, beats a gym or Town Hall any day :)”

“A weekly dose of stretching, strengthening, relaxing, enlightening, rebalancing self-care - the perfect way to destress & start the week. I always leave class feeling refreshed.”

“I've been coming to Stable Yoga for over 15 years and feel incredibly lucky that our paths have crossed. Every week I leave class feeling restored, refreshed and incredibly blessed. ”

“You are absolutely wonderful at what you do. Every time I come to Stable Yoga, I am nourished body and soul.”

“I’ve loved the yoga I’ve done so far and it’s total bliss being able to just walk down the street for two minutes to get to you. ”

“I really cannot thank you enough for teaching me yoga so brilliantly and for so long. It has completely changed my life and I now cannot do without yoga. ”

“You’ll feel it, but it will be in a ‘good way’. That’s what I was told after my first - very first - Yoga class, and that’s what happened. This was over three years ago and I have learnt massively about myself, my body and its capabilities during this time. After half killing myself in the gym on a cross trainer over the last I don't know how many years, I was also unconvinced about the aerobic benefits of Yoga, I am now convinced and it’s so - so much more... ’in a good way’. ”