Class Descriptions & Styles of Yoga

Information applying to all classes:

  • Depending on current Covid restrictions, our classes are face-to-face, live-streamed using Zoom, or a hybrid of both.  You'll see from the timetable what is currently allowed: on site or online.  Many of our classes are also recorded, so if you miss one but want to do it later in the week, ask your teacher if they are able to send you a recording.
  • All classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced students, although some are more physically challenging than others.  Click below for more information, or feel free to get in touch for advice.
  • Class lengths vary: some are 30 minutes, some 60 mins, most are 75 minutes in length, and the Pregnancy classes are 90 minutes, plus time for tea and biscuits!
  • All classes are priced the same, except the 30-minute Yoga & Go sessions, for which students can access both classes in the same week for the price of one.  See Payment Methods/T’s and C’s for pricing options.
  • All classes include some breathing technique ('pranayama') and a warm-up, a range of postures (‘asana’) and a period of relaxation at the end, involving a variety of meditation techniques.
  • Before your first class you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding any physical issues/injuries you may have, but please keep your teacher(s) updated and talk to us about any further issues or concerns before you practice.

Description of Classes/Styles of Yoga we teach