Yin Yoga

A meditative, nourishing and deeply healing practice that works the deeper layers of the body fascia, connective tissues, joints and bones.  In Yin, simple postures are typically held for much longer, so this deceptively impactful style is often used by students as the perfect antidote to more vigorous yoga practices, as the Yin postures take their time to stretch and strengthen the soft tissues.  We need to balance the Yang (fast/more active) elements in our lives with the stillness of Yin.  Yoga works on many levels: physical, psychological and energetic, so how and what we practice affects our energetic/subtle body as much as the physical.  During a Yin Yoga practice meridian lines are stimulated, somatic awareness is heightened, and our breath helps contribute to the flow of energy within, whilst remaining totally still externally in the physical body.  All of this helps us become more resilient to stress and restores the body’s range of motion and overall wellbeing.  Karen will often add Kundalini techniques to soothe the mind, reviving the spirit with this combination in this eclectic mix of goodies.

Description of Classes/Styles of Yoga we teach