Tash Pope

Forrest and Power Yoga teacher


Tash qualified as a fitness instructor over 20 years ago and has been passionate about health and well-being ever since. In 2007, whilst living in Japan, Tash began practicing yoga and was inspired by the Japanese ethos of the fusion of body and mind. Initially attracted by the strong physical practice and improved flexibility, she became increasingly fascinated by the stillness yoga brought to her mind and the conscious use of the breath with poses. In April 2017 Tash completed her teacher training at The Power Yoga Company and her classes combine elements of vinyasa flow, hatha and elements of Forrest Yoga. In December 2017, Tash completed her Advanced Teacher Training in Forrest Yoga. In class, she is very keen to build strength and flexibility, focus on alignment, the breath and the healing aspects of yoga as well as recognising that through yoga change starts from the inside out.

What do you do when you’re not teaching or practising yoga?

In a previous life I was a corporate lawyer - those days are long gone, but I put my legal skills to work in education now. For the last 8 years I have been a Trustee of a Multi Academy Trust, running a group of Primary and Secondary school Academies in Somerset and Northamptonshire. I also work with the Department of Education on their Free School Panel to consider applications for setting up new Free schools. Improving the life chances of young people, particularly the disadvantaged, is critical for the success of coming generations and something I feel very strongly about.

Forrest yoga is about mending the hoop of the people, and education on every level, is an important part of this. Then there’s the music….I am a huge fan of live music and try to get to gigs once a month. I absolutely love the energy of people gathering to watch someone perform, and being present and in the moment. It’s life-affirming, spirit brightening and so much fun! Then I get pretty busy with my 4 teenage children all at various stages of exam stress and getting through the ups and downs of adolescence, which seems relentless. Lots of deep breathing necessary from me and them. If only I could persuade them to do yoga regularly, but apparently it’s not cool to do yoga with your Mum……yet!

Favourite posture?

Flank Stretch - a Forrest Yoga favourite that stretches the side body from hip to elbow.

What’s on your bucket list?

To sail around the Ionian sea, island-hopping and soaking up the sun and sea for a month or two, with my very proficient skipper - husband Rory!